Master Personal Trainer, Bodyweight Fitness & Bootcamp Specialist

Success Stories


Lee S

"I was a very fit individual throughout my school years but haven’t had any fitness regime for many years. I was training to run the London marathon last year but was unsuccessful and coached and trained a youths football team with Andy so gained a little fitness. Since we finished at the end of May 2017 I haven’t taken part in any regular fitness program.

Wasn’t sure what it would be like, what was involved and wasn’t sure how fit the other individuals would be taking part in this programme so I was apprehensive.

It has been very enjoyable, your knowledge and how you explain why we are doing things is paramount and gives credibility. Although the sessions are lighthearted and we have a laugh, I am getting what I want out of the training sessions. My only regret is not having a level of fitness prior to starting, I feel this would have helped.

A range of exercises that can be done in your own home.

Getting me to a stage where I am enjoying exercise again.

A great way to pay upfront which gives you the desire to attend.

I’m now Dedicated to keep exercising.'

Kim S

"I've always been interested in keeping fit and being healthy, but never really reaching goals. So I decided to take the plunge and got a personal trainer  (Dave Evans ). I was nervous about going to a personal trainer as I didn't want the embarrassment of just how unfit I was – there was absolutely no need though!!! So I  started my fitness journey with Dave and straightaway he made me feel at ease and explained everything and made me realise there was nothing to worry about. Dave is extremely experienced and has a very high level of knowledge. He wanted to know my expectations and goals, which I thought was great. Dave would regularly fitness test me along with weigh-in and measuring. He is fantastic at pushing you to get that extra bit out of your workout. Because of my time I have worked with Dave I am the fittest I've ever been in my whole entire adult life and now at 43 I am (with the help and superb support of Dave) now a qualified fitness instructor and training and studying to be a personal trainer too. Big thanks to you Dave (PT EVO) you quite literally changed my life"

Emma G

"Before I started with PT Evo, I was overweight and very unfit. However on my first boot camp I knew I’d found something I could stick with, I’d tried the gym and numerous exercise classes but nothing seemed to work for me, but this did!!

I was slightly unsure about going to the first session as I was on my own but when I got there, I soon came to realise everyone there was in the same boat as me and I’ve met some fabulous people along the way.

I absolutely love going to the boot camp sessions rain or shine, I’ve now started the daytime classes that Dave is running and I’m in the best shape of my life and its down to Dave (and me of course). I’ve still got a way to go, on a personal level but I’m getting there with Dave’s support and guidance."

Jac B

“Before I started working with Dave I was execising at home but not really giving it my all. I had lost 1 stone just by healthy eating alone but wanted to exercise to tone and improve my fitness

I had no reservations about working with Dave because I had seen results in myself just through going to classes twice a week. So I knew that his exercise plans worked.

Working with Dave is fun but without pressure. He talks to you as a person on your level and educates you about health and how to get the best out of yourself.

He gives you a push and speaks words of wisdom rather than shouting to get the best out of you.

I will always remember looking in the mirror and seeing toned back and shoulder muscles... thinking where did they come from? I dont even lift any weights? 

All the results were from my own body weight exercises!!

( Its those muscles that I am dying to see again!! Because I've done it once. I know I can do it again)”


Laura G


I was diagnosed with Crohns disease and had part of my large bowel removed. So exercise wise my situation was non-existent. I struggled to hold down a part time job constantly suffering with severe fatigue. I had no strength or stamina. I missed exercise so much, but I was scared to push my body as it needed time to heal. Plus I was put on 2 different types of steroids and iron tablets to try and control my Crohns. I felt I had no control over my body anymore. My Crohns was taking over every aspect of my life. One day I would be okay the next my Crohns would flare up. I wonder if my body would ever be as strong as it was before I had Crohns disease.

I was concerned that if I pushed my body too much it would make my Crohns flare up. I was worried that my scar down my stomach wouldn’t allow me to do abdominal exercises. But overall, I was worried how my fatigue would play apart in this. Having no energy even when I have only been awake for a few hours my body feels tiered all the time. But I had to try so I joined Dave’s group.

It has been the best thing I had ever done. I am not a very confident person. This was something totally new to me that I had never done before. Dave makes everything fun, yes it is hard work but you come out of a session with a smile on your face having accomplished something maybe you couldn’t have done the weeks before. Dave is encouraging, supportive, but most of all kind in understanding your situation and helping you reach your goals however big or small they may be. I would recommend these sessions to anybody whether you have an illness or not. These sessions give you confidence and a boost knowing that your body can do more than you expected of it. don’t be scared to exercise, I was because of my Crohns but I was so wrong I feel 100% better from working with Dave.

I feel I finally have control of my body and what it is capable of doing. Working with Dave has resulted in me feeling more confident I have more energy and it has given me a focus other than my illness. I would recommend his work , don’t be scared.. go for it and it is all at your own pace with your own goals that Dave will help you achieve.

Tiffany B


Before I started working with Dave on the 6-week transformation my eating habits was all over the place, if I’d had a long day at work or a busy day with the children and I couldn't be bothered to cook I would reach out for the take away menu as an easy option. Dave has shown me fast and easy recipes that take less time to make and cook then ringing the local takeaway shop and getting it delivered. I used to struggle with energy and had to drink Lucozade just so I could keep going now I get my energy from good foods and I haven’t drank any Lucozade at all since the start of the program which I’m shocked about my mood has changed as well I used to get moody really easy and now people comment on how happy I look and I don’t snap as much either. I couldn’t have changed my eating habits if it wasn’t for Dave and his program, I’ve tried almost every diet possible on the market from detoxing diets to shakes, clubs, 5:2, diet pills and many more but honestly, I can say Dave’s program has been a success for me.

I did have some reservations before working with Dave as I’ve seen and heard a lot about person trainers. Especially some in gyms that don’t do anything. I was worried about the group as well as I’m a very shy person and get anxious around people I don’t know. I didn’t quite know what to expect I expected everyone to be all toned and athletic however this wasn’t the case at all everyone was in the same boat as me and Dave bought us all out of our shells. He works us hard and isn’t the typical trainer who sits on his backside he does get involved and encourages us all to do our best which is very helpful. 

The process of working with Dave has been hard at times but really fun. His classes get intense on occasions and sometimes you want to throw the towel in, but he picks you back up again and makes you want to carry on. looking back from week 1 compared to week 6 I couldn’t have done what we do on week 6 when we first started I would of thrown the towel in. he does change the intensity of the classes to suit our ability throughout the weeks which pushes us to carry on. 

The one best result I have got from working with Dave apart from good friends within the group is changing in eating habits and energy levels going up which means I can carry on with my journey and get to where I want to be without starting all over again. I can see results in losing weight and toning up as my clothes are falling off me and I’ve had to buy smaller ones which is a plus so there isn’t just one thing I’ll be taking from this program and working with Dave there are many things.