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About Dave


Hi, I’m Dave Evans Master Personal Trainer and founder of  PT Evo Bodyweight Fitness. I’m a retired British Army soldier having served 22 years keeping relatively injury free, whilst staying in peak physical condition through eating right and training right. The idea of PT Evo Bodyweight Fitness is to promote Health and Fitness, to the individual, through me passing on my passion and energy to as many people as possible within the Lincolnshire area & throughout the uk. I am the only trainer within PT Evo Bodyweight Fitness. I am the direct contact, my Coaching and Instruction is delivered by me. I write all my own classes and Personal Training programmes. I write my own nutrition guides. I include no fancy hard to get ingredients, I keep it simple whilst healthy and achievable. I don’t ask anyone to do anything unless I think they are capable. I don’t progress any individual too quickly beyond their ability but on the flip, I don’t hold anyone back, if I think you can do it then you probably can. I enjoy laughing so making it fun, even if difficult, is very important, the more you enjoy the more you push and the more you come back. However, the main priority is always to prevent injury whilst having fun and working hard. There are endless benefits to being Healthy and active. We as humans have evolved into lazy creatures who rely on fast food, quick fixes and technology to do as little as possible and it’s getting worse.  There are so many small changes we can make in our daily lives to improve the quality of life and prolong it. 1-2 PT Evo Bodyweight Fitness classes per week can light the spark in people to welcome and embrace a healthier active lifestyle.   

Individual Benefits To a Healthier Lifestyle:   

1. Linked to the prevention and improvement of chronic Health Conditions. 

2. A valuable aid in the treatment of anxiety and depression. 

3. Promotes behaviour change in driving to and striving for healthier lifestyles. 

4. Becoming active is a stepping stone for change to healthier eating and nutritional awareness. 

5. Reduction in the chances of Heart related illness, the most common cause of death in the United Kingdom and globally. 

6. Many chronic diseases requiring medication can be combated with a healthier more active lifestyle. Type 2 Diabetes can be prevented by changing unhealthy behaviours, particularly in regards physical activity. 

7. Increases energy, focus and mental awareness. 

8. Those who exercise regularly are 30% less likely to suffer from depression and anxiety compared to sedentary people.       

Employer benefits:   

1. British spend on average, 60% of their waking hours at work and unhealthy employees cost organisations in Canada billions of dollars every year. 

2. The total cost of obesity to British employers is £1.3 Billion per year. The cost of employee absence alone is approx. £8.6 billion. 

3. 3 of the top 6 disease categories accounting for 70% of an organisation benefits costs, include Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer and Stress. 

4. Businesses also incur costs from workers compensation claims, disability, as well as health care, drug and life insurance, not to mention the opportunity cost of a stressed or ill workforce. 

5. 72% of employees feel their employer should be highly involved in encouraging healthy workplaces (The Health Communication Unit). 

6. Organisations who have implemented a healthier workplace, on average have experienced increased productivity (3.8 sick days per employee per year versus 6.2 sick days previously) and lower staff turnover. 

7. Employees who are satisfied with their jobs tend to be healthier and more productive.   Just to list a few!   


Not only can regular exercise boost a person’s mood, confidence and sense of well-being, it can also help him/her to better manage stress at work AND at home. This creates a healthier WORK-HEALTH-LIFE balance and quality of life. Overall the correlation between leadership behaviour, employee satisfaction and revenues & profits is evident, making the workplace a vital place to promote and participate in physical activity.  


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