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This is for you if you....

Should be doing something more, but I dont know what to do. All this exercise and diet stuff seems like something that other people do and not me!

I have no idea where to start


Need to make some changes, I am fed up of not feeling good and I am unhappy with my body.

I really can’t face the idea of joining a class or a group and there is no way I can go it alone.


Want & need to make some changes, I am fed up of not feeling good and I am unhappy with my body.

But I dont like the idea of joining a gym or a class and there is no way I can go it alone. 

I like the idea of Personal Training but with a friend.

Exercise Classes


Exercise Classes Include: Boxfit, Tabata, Legs Bums n Tums, Body Blitz, Bungee Fitness, Mil-Fit (Military Fitness), Kidz-Fit & Tighten N Tone

Heres What our Clients Are Saying...

Emma G


"Before I started with PT Evo, I was overweight and very unfit. However on my first boot camp I knew I’d found something I could stick with, I’d tried the gym and numerous exercise classes but nothing seemed to work for me, but this did!!

I was slightly unsure about going to the first session as I was on my own but when I got there, I soon came to realise everyone there was in the same boat as me and I’ve met some fabulous people along the way.

I absolutely love going to the boot camp sessions rain or shine, I’ve now started the daytime classes that Dave is running and I’m in the best shape of my life and its down to Dave (and me of course). I’ve still got a way to go, on a personal level but I’m getting there with Dave’s support and guidance."

Jac B


“Before I started working with Dave I was execising at home but not really giving it my all. I had lost 1 stone just by healthy eating alone but wanted to exercise to tone and improve my fitness

I had no reservations about working with Dave because I had seen results in myself just through going to classes twice a week. So I knew that his exercise plans worked.

Working with Dave is fun but without pressure. He talks to you as a person on your level and educates you about health and how to get the best out of yourself.

He gives you a push and speaks words of wisdom rather than shouting to get the best out of you.

I will always remember looking in the mirror and seeing toned back and shoulder muscles... thinking where did they come from? I dont even lift any weights? 

All the results were from my own body weight exercises!!

( Its those muscles that I am dying to see again!! Because I've done it once. I know I can do it again)”

Kim S


"I've always been interested in keeping fit and being healthy, but never really reaching goals. So I decided to take the plunge and got a personal trainer  (Dave Evans ). I was nervous about going to a personal trainer as I didn't want the embarrassment of just how unfit I was – there was absolutely no need though!!! So I  started my fitness journey with Dave and straightaway he made me feel at ease and explained everything and made me realise there was nothing to worry about. Dave is extremely experienced and has a very high level of knowledge. He wanted to know my expectations and goals, which I thought was great. Dave would regularly fitness test me along with weigh-in and measuring. He is fantastic at pushing you to get that extra bit out of your workout. Because of my time I have worked with Dave I am the fittest I've ever been in my whole entire adult life and now at 43 I am (with the help and superb support of Dave) now a qualified fitness instructor and training and studying to be a personal trainer too. Big thanks to you Dave (PT EVO) you quite literally changed my life"